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My name is Setia Juli Irzal Ismail. Just call me Jul or Ismail. I’m a lecture at Telkom University School of Applied Science Bandung Indonesia. I teach  Network Security course, Shell Programming and Operating System. My main interest are network security, and malware analysis.

Currently I’m doing research in the field of malware. I was malware analyst at ID-CERT (Indonesia Computer Emergency Response Team). We were  involved in 2014 & 2015 AP-CERT drill test.  We developed an Android Malware Scanner (Androscan).  I am also member of ACAD CSIRT  and Honeynet chapter Indonesia . I am currently doing research about malware detection with machine learning.

I studied at STT Telkom Bandung,  ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) and Universität Rostock -Germany. I was invited to give guest lecture about malware at University Autonoma Barcelona and presentation at AP-CERT AGM (Asia Pasific Computer Emergency Response Team).

I write all the article in Bahasa Indonesia, because from my experiences, my students still have difficulties searching reliable articles about Network Security and malware analysis written in Bahasa Indonesia. But i’ll try to share in english someday. The articles are mostly about network security, malware analysis,  lecture material etc . If you have questions just write down your comments, or  contact me at twitter @jul_ismail

you can find my course material and slide presentation on this web:


Google scholar page:


Sinta Page


Invited Talk:


  • Curriculum clinic – Aptikom – November
  • Curriculum review – Sukabumi Politechnic – October


  • Guest Lecturer about Malware – University Autonoma Barcelona – Mei
  • Guest Lecturer about CTF – Del Institute of Technology – October



  • Indonesia Anti Malware Communities- APCERT AGM 2016- Tokyo
  • Malware Analysis Basic – Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture – Pustekkom Kemdikbud Bogor Maret 2016

  • Introduction to Malware Analysis – Cybercrime and Digital Forensic workshop, Australian Federal Police JCLEC – Semarang, Indonesia; Januari 2016


  • Indonesia Malware Research Update – Honeynet Chapter Indonesia – “Peningkatan Tanggap Darurat Honeynet Terhadap Serangan Malware Nasional” IBI Darmajaya Lampung, Indonesia; Juni 2015
  • Indonesia Malware Trend – Hacking & Security Trends 2015 – HMIF Unikom; Bandung, Indonesia; Mei 2015
  • Introduction to MalwareStudium Generale Telkom University; Bandung Indonesia; April 2015
  • Indonesia Malware report – Indonesia Malware Summit – IDCERT; Mei 2015
  • Malware Lab Report – IDCERT 7th Annual Meeting; Bandung – Januari 2015


  • Malware Trends – IDCERT 6th Annual Meeting; Baros Indonesia – April 2014

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